'Manhood' (Manddom [DK]) is a story about an 11-year-old boy who experiences a childhood very unlike any other children at his age. There is no safe and loving home.

Silas lives with his mother and there is no father figure to be found. This causes Silas to have a distorted view of what it means to be a man.

His mother is a prostitute and has costumers at home, around the clock. Silas, unfortunately, sees a lot of things a child his age should not be exposed to. 'Manhood' is the story about Silas' fight to become a man and win his mother´s heart and attention.

Written by: Astrid Hedvig Hoder
Director: Jonathan Gelvan
Director of Photography: Johannes Skov Andersen
Sound recordist and editor: Simon Sundgaard
Gaffer: Lauge Felix Black Pedersen
Editor: Emma Agergaard Svendsen

First Assistant Director: Sara Victoria Bjerre Pedersen
Production Manager: Astrid Hedvig Hoder

Production design: Sia Zangenberg Frost
Props Master: Julie Hindkjær
SFX: Mette Jespersen
Public relations: Theresa Maymann
Graphic Design: Pernille Elkjær
Producer: Claus Michaelsen